Jun 27, 2010

Red...Dead...Re FrickinDemption.

by Ray Jaramillo
Ok, I love this game. Just want to get that out of the way. Me love RedDead. That extra hour in the day that everyone talks about needing.If I had it, I would spend it playing Red Dead. Yup. Fo sho. Take that to the bank and smoke it.
"Why? What is so great about this particular video game Ray? I mean, I know you have been playing video games your whole life, so what about this game makes you love it so?"
Wow. You really know too much about me. Anyway. Where do I start? I guess I will start BIG and work my way toward small.
Beauty. The Rio Grande Basin is a gorgeous world. When I am galloping across the mesa and remember to slow down,(Sometimes I am too focused on the mission and forget to stop and smell the wild feverfew) I bask in the amazing splendor of the world that I am surrounded by. The mountains, the flora, the fauna, the sun rising and setting over vast plains, this and so much more fill my TV screen to capacity.The sound of the train in the distance. Rustling leaves. It envelops me. No really, it does. Sometimes I stop my horse and just turn John Marston's head 360 degrees to take in the amazing art that Rockstar has created. Whoever said that video games are not art(I know who it is, but...feh, what does he know.) has not played Red Dead Redemption.
Drama. Let me preface this next statement with the fact that I haven't followed a soap opera storyline since I had the chickenpox in 5th grade and stayed home for a week. The writers of this story have done an excellent job creating a vibrant, interesting multi-faceted story of which you are an integral part . You really care who you shoot in the face and why. When you burn a town to the ground, the story telling really satiates your conscience with the fact that it is necessary. The story tells you that you must drive this wagon full of explosives as fast as you can and shoot any one who gets in your way...in the face. (Man, Ray there is a lot of face shooting going on in this game...Yup) Drama.
Action. What red blooded man doesn't want action? Most guys play games for the action. The fight. The challenge. The victory...or defeat. Yea, it happens. You can't win 'em all. Well, I can't. I don't know how good at gun slinging you are. Good or not, Red Dead tracks how many of EVERYTHING you kill. Yea, soak that in. You can kill everything. HULK SMASH! Shoot it all. Kill it all. But, just like the real world, there are consequences. The point is, aim and shoot it all if you want or follow the story and build your Fame and Honor according to your actions. The games AI responds to your characters actions. If you are an uncaring bastard, don't expect any favors.
Greed. Wanna make some money? There are lots of ways to do it. Break a horse. Win at Hold-em. Trade in the pelts from the animals you have killed. Be the best liar at a game of Liars Dice. Ahh Liars Dice. I actually went out and bought a bunch of dice so I could have a Liars Dice game night at home. (I have yet to organize said game night...but it is coming). Liars Dice is basically a logic based percentage game. Right up my computer sciencey (that is a word, look it up) alley. I am sure it is a harder game to win at LIVE but the barroom player AI isn't horrible. You can find cracks in their game though, and that is where the money happens.
Deadeye is cool. It lets you slow down action. It sure is easier to kill the tobacco chewin Bollard gang members trying to kill you when time slows down and you can plug em full of holes before they even draw their six-shooters. You get better at it as the game progresses as well. Just like everything else in Red Dead this is a trait that you gain prowess the more you play.
Draw! Face off with the poor, unfortunate souls who mistakenly decide that you are a mark and want to challenge you on the street. Blow off their hats, or their face. Either way you win.The mechanic of the one-on-one street  quick-draw is a little different but the heart racing pressure is exquisite. "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?"
Fun. Ok, I have spent too much time writing this and not playing Red Dead. All this talking about it has gotten my feverfew up. I am going to have to sleep late tomorrow because I will be up late tonight finishing the next chapter. So worth it. I know that there are bad men out there that need face shooting. Hulk need SMASH. Yea. I dig it.
So much more. Check it out yourself. Trust a game nerd.

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  1. You red dead head, I think Arty is at about 86%, he played it literally for 5 days straight.